Current Members

Principal Investigator

Magdalena J Koziol, PhD

Faculty Member of CIBR

Email: mjk(at)

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Assistants

Yanqiu Chen, Translations and CIBR

Email: chenyanqiu(at)

Lu Yang, Internal Lab Matters

Email: yang(at)

Lab Manager

Liang Xue

Email: xueliang(at)

Postdoctoral Scientists

Erika Larrea De Orte, PhD

Email: erika.larrea(a)

Yan Peng, PhD

Email: pengyan(a)

Research Assistants

Shuangshuang Feng

Email: fengshuangshuang(a)

Yueying Wang

Email: wangyueying(a)

Yujie Zhang

Email: zhangyujie(a)

Shuhan Li

Email: lishuhan(a)

PhD Rotation Students

Zhicheng Wang

Email: wangzhicheng(a)

Dong Li

Email: coming soon


PhD Rotation Students

Yuhan Zhuo

Email: zhuoyuhan(a)

Dong Xiao

Email: dongxiao(a)

Detian Hu

Email: hudetian(a)

Summer Students

Tian Zhang 2019 Summer Student
Siyue Zheng
2019 Summer Student
Xu Xiaowen
2019 Summer Student

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