We are hiring: PhD, rotation, Master, Bachelor, internship and summer students

We are always recruiting highly motivated, ambitious PhD/Rotation/Internship/Summer Students or who would like to do their Bachelor or Master thesis in our lab, and who are excited about science, keen on learning and to discover and study a new exciting area of research: DNA and RNA modifications in the brain. To investigate these DNA and RNA modifications, we offer various exciting projects in the lab that cover areas such as Neurobiology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology/Biochemistry. All students should have a basic understanding of molecular biology or genetics.

  • PhD/Rotation Students: CIBR has a joint PhD program with Universities such as Peking and Tsinghua through which graduate students can join for Rotations and their PhDs. If you are already a PhD student at one of these universities, but are not part of the joint PhD program, you can still do a rotation or PhD project in our laboratory, while officially remaining with your university.  
  • Summer and Winter Students: CIBR offers a Summer Training Program from July to August for qualified undergraduate students from all Universities, through which you could join. Also, CIBR has a 1-week winter program for highly motivated students.

All students should apply by contacting the Student Affair Assistant and Magdalena Koziol. All students will be compensated following the CIBR student salary scale. Insurance and welfare benefits will be provided through their University.


All applicants should email the application documents directly to Magdalena Koziol. The application should contain the following:

  • Cover Letter – please indicate if you are applying for a PhD, rotation or summer project and your interest
  • CV – including contact details of at least 2 referees

For questions contact Magdalena Koziol. For student related questions please contact the Student Affair Assistant. Review of applications is ongoing and will continue until positions are filled.

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