Our Institute


The Chinese Institute for Brain Research (CIBR) is a recently established institute in Beijing. CIBR is a vibrant, interdisciplinary research institute that combines basic and applied research to advance the knowledge of the brain, ultimately helping to improve human health.

Research areas cover neurobiology, molecular biology, developmental biology, computational science, biotechnology and clinical studies. Together, CIBR will creatively tackle fundamental questions in biological science, brain function and animal behavior. In addition to fundamental science, CIBR strives to transform discoveries into products and clinical solutions.

CIBR works in collaboration with the prestigious Chinese Academies, with China’s top Tsinghua and Peking Universities and with Beijing Normal University. It is generously supported by the Beijing Municipal Government, allowing it to have state-of-the-art equipment, core facilities and funding. 

CIBR is located within Beijing’s Life Science Park, which hosts other top institutions, hospitals, national and international biotech and pharmaceutical companies. The Life Science Park is currently expanding to become the world’s largest Life Science Center.

Ultimately, CIBR’s expertise, collaborative, innovative, ambitious, supportive environment make CIBR a top institution with exceptional potential.

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