17 January 2020: Our lab, as part of CIBR, celebrates 2019 and the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival. Happy Chinese New Year! Our lab prepared a dance, as shown below, which was a ‘hit’ at the party.

20 November 2019: We got some wonderful pictures of our lab members from the film crew who visited our Institute CIBR the week before (unfortunately, not everyone was captured).

13 November 2019: A film crew came to make a professional video about CIBR . I made my own video and pictures of them in action filming in our lab – A different day in the lab.

14 August 2019: We are celebrating: Birthday, Leaving, Welcome, even a baby…

4 August 2019: Beijing TV made a documentary about our director Minmin Luo, in which our Institute CIBR and our students were also featured.

23 July 2019: It is official, we have started the first experiments in the lab: mixing, weighing, pipetting, and a lot of fun! Finally, we have started doing lab work!

July 2019: Students from the Tsinghua-McGovern-Peking-CIBR summer course are visiting our CIBR Institute and lab. Plasticware and glassware are arriving. Our lab is is filling up.

June 2019: Equipment is arriving, and things are being unpacked. Our Christmas in June, thank you CIBR, and all our colleagues and helpers!

1st June 2019: We are officially open! If you are interested in joining the Koziol Laboratory, click here.

30 June 2019: Congratulations to our amazing CIBR members who participated in the Life Science Park Sports competition! A fun day!

10 May 2019: Site visit of our brand new CIBR institute, and our brand new lab. Exciting times!

1st May 2019: Magdalena Koziol arrives in Beijing, China, directly form Cambridge, UK, in preparation for lab opening in June.

1st April 2019: Xue Liang starts working for our laboratory as the lab manager. Welcome, and excited to have the first lab member!

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