29th June 2023: Chinese BBQ with the lab, which was long overdue.

1st November 2022: Our official lab pictures for 2022, taken outside of our institute. What a fantastic team!

1st September 2022: We are moving from our ‘old’ institute building to our brand new building. Although a bit of work and a bit of chaos, we were excited to move and to settle down into our new home.

31st December 2021: Celebrating the new year with colleagues by making and eating dumplings at CIBR.

22 October 2021: Taking fun pictures with the lab infront of our institute CIBR. Dream team!

20 November 2020: Lab dinner + KTV.

14 October 2020: If you want to know how to detect DNA and RNA modifications, you can find out more by watching my Abcam webinar: The website is in Chinese, but the talk is in English.

21 September 2020: Mingjun Ji from Chuan-Yu Li’s lab at PKU is visiting us for a few months to do some work in our lab.

10 September 2020: Today is “教师节” or if translated it means “Teacher’s Day”. I got a beautiful surprise today from our PhD and Master students in our lab. Thank you for the wonderful flowers.

17 August 2020: Thank you CIBR for making a lab video for us, which can be found on youtube or here (chinese version).

13 July 2020: We are growing, and used the occasion to celebrate with this nice lab picture: infront of our institute, in the garden, surrounded by apple, peach, pomegranate and bamboo trees.

30 June 2020: Finally, the mass spectrometry equipment got delivered. Thank you to Thermo Scientific for all your help. We can soon launch CIBR’s mass spec facility, and use this toy to make many new discoveries! Thank you CIBR for purchasing such wonderful equipment! More to come!

8 June 2020: Today, unfortunatley, the internship for Yuhan ends, but she will come back to CIBR for a PhD. Also, we have Shuhan starting today, and Zhicheng will also join us soon, for a rotation. Eventful days for the lab.

7 June 2020: Our lab was lucky during the virus outbreak, as we did not suffer as much as others: A summary of problems by labs encountered published in Nature, for which I was also interviewed.

5 May 2020: I was invited to write an article for FEBS and share some tips about lab management during the coronavirus pandemic. This was published today, and is divided into two parts: Part I: How to manage a research group during quarantine, Part II: How to restart a research group after quarantine. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

5 May 2020: Yan and Erika, our 2 postdocs in the lab, applied for postdoctoral fellowships and both got it! Congratulations, so happy and proud!! Amazing! Also, since Erika (and I) do not speak Chinese (yet), it was wonderful to see Yan and everyone else in the lab to help Erika out with some parts of the application that required Chinese translations. Wonderful team! Congratulations to both! Also, Yuhan who was stuck at home for a while due to the virus, is back with us in the lab! Fantastic news, great day!

7 April 2020: Despite the virus, our lab is open, we are working and hiring. Today, Yujie Zhang and Yueying Wang joined our lab! Welcome! Hiring was a bit delayed, but we managed. Yueying still has to stay in quarantine for 14 days before being allowed to come in, but safety comes first.

29 March 2020: Our lab has been in voluntary self-quarantine for 3 weeks. After these 3 weeks, we came back to the lab and are working again. Except our PhD students, who are still not allowed to come back to Beijing . They have been stuck at home for more than 2 months now, but the situation has greatly improved. Since coming back, we are careful, and follow strict guidelines, but it is worth it, as they are working and keeping us and others safe. For advise how to manage this time, feel free to contact me. Below an outline of a “normal Corona” day at work, after 3 weeks at home. Stay safe!

23 January 2020: Virus outbreak in China, but we are all safe: Everyone in our lab is staying and working from home as much as possible. Beijing is deserted, as seen on the pictures I took from my apartment, at ‘rush hour’. In addition to a virus protection software, I also ‘installed’ virus protection hardware – a face mask for protection.

17 January 2020: Our lab, as part of CIBR, celebrates 2019 and the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival. Happy Chinese New Year! Our lab prepared a dance, as shown below, which was a ‘hit’ at the party.

20 November 2019: We got some wonderful pictures of our lab members from the film crew who visited our Institute CIBR the week before (unfortunately, not everyone was captured).

13 November 2019: A film crew came to make a professional video about CIBR . I made my own video and pictures of them in action filming in our lab – A different day in the lab.

14 August 2019: We are celebrating: Birthday, Leaving, Welcome, even a baby…

4 August 2019: Beijing TV made a documentary about our director Minmin Luo, in which our Institute CIBR and our students were also featured.

23 July 2019: It is official, we have started the first experiments in the lab: mixing, weighing, pipetting, and a lot of fun! Finally, we have started doing lab work!

July 2019: Students from the Tsinghua-McGovern-Peking-CIBR summer course are visiting our CIBR Institute and lab. Plasticware and glassware are arriving. Our lab is is filling up.

June 2019: Equipment is arriving, and things are being unpacked. Our Christmas in June, thank you CIBR, and all our colleagues and helpers!

1st June 2019: We are officially open! If you are interested in joining the Koziol Laboratory, click here.

30 June 2019: Congratulations to our amazing CIBR members who participated in the Life Science Park Sports competition! A fun day!

10 May 2019: Site visit of our brand new CIBR institute, and our brand new lab. Exciting times!

1st May 2019: Magdalena Koziol arrives in Beijing, China, directly form Cambridge, UK, in preparation for lab opening in June.

1st April 2019: Xue Liang starts working for our laboratory as the lab manager. Welcome, and excited to have the first lab member!

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