Magdalena J Koziol


  • PhD Program in Developmental Biology, University of Cambridge, UK
    • PhD rotations: Azim Surani, Sarah Bray, Sir John B Gurdon
  • BSc in Medical Genetics, University of Leicester, UK
    • Projects with Ed Louis
  • BSc (Vordiplom) in Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Professional Experience

  • Principal Investigator
    • Chinese Institute for Brain Research, CIBR, China
  • Post-Doctoral Scientist with Sir John B Gurdon
    • Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Post-Doctoral Scientist with Antonio Giraldez
    • Department of Genetics, Yale University, USA
  • Post-Doctoral Scientist with John Rinn
    • Broad Institute & Harvard University, USA
  • Boston Consulting Group, Management Consulting in Pharma/Chemical Industries, Frankfurt Office, Germany

Awards / Funding

  • Beijing Natural Science Foundation
  • Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Innovation Fund, Medical Neurobiology
  • Koziol Laboratory CIBR core funding, China
  • 830k GBP project grant from the BBSRC, UK
  • Isaac Newton Trust from University of Cambridge, UK
  • Human Frontiers Long Term Fellowship, USA 
  • Prize from AAAS ScienceJournal for Excellence in Science for work done during PhD
  • 4-year Wellcome-Trust PhD Studentship, UK
  • 2x Honorary Cambridge European Trust Studentship, Trinity College, University of Cambridge     
  • Invitation by Queen Elizabeth II to Buckingham Palace
  • 2x Prizes for Medical Genetics BSc degree 

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